Exhibitor News: Libec


LibecBOOTH C5009  Libec is featuring its TH-Z Series, the successor of the Libec Allex series. The company says it is lighter in weight and more versatile, making it suitable for videographers using HDSLR or handheld camera.

Similar to the ALX KIT, the TH-Z is fit for sliders thanks to its dual head design; however, this hybrid model is equipped with the industry standard TH-X sliding/quick release plate that is compatible with other brand tripod heads.

Features include advanced payload capacity (compared to its predecessor ALX KIT, the payload for the TH-Z has been increased from 9 to 11 pounds); new lightweight design; snap On/Off camera plate compatible with TH-X/HFMP models; redesigned and reshaped tripod foot rubbers to support the tripod more firmly on various surfaces while allowing steady camerawork without slippage; and a carrying case equipped with a shoulder strap, hand straps and zippered side pockets