Exhibitor News: Lynx Technik

Booth N2827 LYNX Technik AG is introducing HDR Evie, an enhanced video image engine powered by the greenMachine multi-purpose processing platform.

HDR Evie uses advanced algorithms that analyze and apply optimal corrections in real time on a frame-by-frame basis. It is a real-time production tool
suitable for sports or live broadcast events needing high-quality real-time HDR to SDR conversions.

HDR Evie is powered by the greenMachine titan platform, a compact self-contained AV processing appliance. Along with dynamic HDR conversions, greenMachine is also equipped with integrated frame synchronization, up/down cross conversion and a suite of audio processing capabilities.

greenMachine HDR Evie supports single-channel 12G SDI 4K/UHD conversions or can be configured as a four-channel device for 3G (HD) applications. The company says the 4K Quad 2SI inputs and optional 12G fiber I/O connectivity make it compatible with almost any system.