Exhibitor News: MediaKind

BOOTH SU7210 MediaKind’s booth focuses on five areas of its product lines, each targeting a specific trajectory with how content is delivered to the consumer and manifest in the real world as defined media workflows.

Orion provides immersive and compelling consumer experiences through the advancement of media platforms, content discovery, targeted advertising, content rights distribution and actionable insights via end-to-end analytics. The company says Pictor optimizes storage and delivery, enabling catch-up and cloud DVR while ensuring that content is available on any screen, any device at the highest quality.

Aquila provides optimal-quality processing for all screens, delivering broadcast quality OTT, operationally efficient headends and ATSC 3.0 propositions. According to MediaKind, Cygnus ensures quality content is delivered securely across contribution and primary distribution networks, leveraging applicable standards and the benefits of cloud deployment, and Vega ensures a smooth implementation and operation of the MediaKind Universe solution.