Exhibitor News: Multidyne Fiber Optic Solutions

BOOTH C5013  Multidyne is launching its next-generation SilverBack series. The updated series anchored by the now-shipping, IP-enabled SilverBack V, includes the global debut of two models that extend Multi-Dyne’s reach into production verticals.

Power management capabilities added to the SilverBack V eliminate the need for external power supplies. This will prove especially valuable for camera operators and cinematographers for powering focus, iris and zoom directly from the unit without risk of power supply failure. The compact, lightweight design also supports two camera heads that are configurable to today’s leading cameras, with a common, integrated multiviewer to monitor both cameras.

New to the series is the SilverBack HP, a re-imagined version of the SilverBack II fiber transceiver that adds two-channel intercom and Ethernet alongside video, audio and data; and the Silverback Pro, which extends the operational benefits of SilverBack to commercial AV and smaller event productions.