Exhibitor News: Orban

Booth N4120 Orban is now offering a way for FM broadcasters to deliver bass response while ensuring optimal musicality of program material. The Bass Impact Engine is included at no extra cost in all new OPTIMOD 8600Si, 8600 FM/HD and 8700i units, and is also available as a free firmware upgrade for existing owners of these products.

According to the company, Orban processors have long used a bass clipper embedded in the multiband crossover to roll off higher-frequency clipping products at six dB/octave; this was done to prevent intermodulation between bass and other program material. Orban says the new Bass Impact Engine replaces this older technology with a limiter that generates carefully time-aligned, bandwidth-controlled harmonics that minimize the peak level of the bass so that very low frequencies can actually exceed 100 percent modulation. It does so without adding objectionable distortion in the upper mid-bass and lower mid-range frequencies.