Exhibitor News: PHABRIX


PHABRIX QxBOOTH N4508  In addition to its range of hybrid IP/SDI, 4K/UHD and HDR/WCG instruments, PHABRIX is launching a V3.0 software release for its flagship Qx rasterizer, offering the latest hybrid IP/SDI test and measurement tools. The Qx, now with support for SMPTE 2110 (-20, -30, -31, -40), ST 2059 Precision Time protocol (PTP) and two-port ST 2022-7 seamless protection, provides the simultaneous monitoring of one video, two audio and one ANC data flow in up to 16 active and scalable windows.

The two audio flows support up to 16 channels each at 1ms and 125us with either PCM or AES3 Transport. The latest features also include operator status information for PTP, 2022-7 seamless reconstruction and the timing relationship of flows to PTP.

PHABRIX also is demonstrating the Qx Series’ new SDI-STRESS option, providing an advanced toolset for SDI interface stress testing.