Exhibitor News: Pixel Power

Booth SL7613 Pixel Power is launching Create and StreamMaster Produce, a pair of virtualizable software products. Create is an application for creating graphics templates, whereas StreamMaster Produce is a solution for fulfilling and delivering graphics in real time, with a flexible architecture that supports multiple channels and multiple operators.

Pixel Power says it went back to the drawing board and developed pure software-defined solutions from the ground up. At the heart of the design philosophy are two flexible, modular technology platforms that run on COTS hardware: StreamMaster Media Processing for video, audio and graphics processing, and Gallium Workflow Orchestration for automated asset creation or playout. Each technology platform allows individual implementations to be tailored to the user. By doing this, not only is the feature set granular but so too is the pricing model—you can even buy features on a pay-as-you-go basis.