Exhibitor News: Primestream

Booth SL12111  Media management provider Primestream has devoted a spot on the show floor to a series of new products aiming to address customer needs.

One of the key technologies that Primestream is displaying at its booth is the ability to ingest IP sources into single or multiple self-contained file formats and transcode into ProRes, XDCAM, DNxHD, AVC-Intra and H.264.

The company is also touting a new internet SaaS-based review and approv- al system that can be integrated with existing Xchange systems, or can include a small on-site version of Xchange. The browser-based solution supports multiple workflows and provides on-site control and management with integrated com- munication in the cloud.

In addition, Primestream has updates to its 4K/UHD end-to-end workflow, including support for HDR; a new central- ized configuration module with a common UI experience; and a newly released Xchange Public API with signatures and client access keys.