Exhibitor News: Qligent

Qligent Vision

Qligent VisionBOOTH N4215  Qligent is featuring its Vision-VOD, a solution designed to enable comprehensive, virtualized assessment and verification of file-based content through the Video on Demand (VOD) experience.

Designed for flexibility and scalability, Vision-VOD allows users to determine the scope of the testing they want to perform, which specific VOD parameters they want to evaluate, and at what point in the chain they wish to monitor.

At the front end of the content delivery chain, files can be analyzed and verified for such attributes as media container conformance; detailed Quality of Experience of video, audio and content metadata; and captions, loudness and other regulatory compliance.

At the back end, Vision-VOD analyzes VOD parameters such as manifest verification, adaptive bitrate compliance, download rates, lost segments and latency that can negatively impact the viewer experience.