Exhibitor News: Quantum

BOOTH SL4409  New to the lineup of Quantum products is the F-Series line of NVMe storage arrays. The F2000 is a 2U, dual-node server with two-host swappable compute canisters and up to 24 dual-ported NVMe drives.

Each compute canister can access all 24 NVMe drives. According to the company, the F-Series is up to five-times faster than traditional flash storage/networking for ingesting, editing and finishing content. It allows for predictable, low-latency access via fibre channel or Ethernet, and it creates less rack space.

Non-volatile memory express flash drives allow for massive parallel processing, while the latest Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) networking technology provides direct access between workstations and the NVMe storage devices.

These hardware features are combined with the new Quantum Cloud Storage Platform and the StorNext file system, resulting in end-to-end storage capabilities for post-production houses, broadcasters and other rich media environments.