Exhibitor News: RUSHWORKS

BOOTH SL11216  RUSHWORKS is introducing A-LIST Streamster, an IP-only configuration of its A-LIST broadcast automation system. Its tiny form factor supports URL and NDI input and output, which the company says makes this scheduling and playback engine the technology of choice for internet TV stations.

Also new is a camera with three functions in one form factor targeting houses of worship, presenters, teachers, performances and similar venues. The three-in-one multifunction video camera features an HD-SDI PTZ with 20x or 30x lens, wide-angle HD-SDI camera, and the ability to auto-track single targets.

The company will also showcase its PTX Universal PanTilt Heads, which are available in two sizes, giving users the ability to use VISCA and DMX controllers to remotely control most broadcast cameras.

Also featured is RUSHDOLLY, a tiny but versatile track dolly designed to interface with PTZ and PTX cameras; VDEPO for on-location video depositions; and the VDESK Radio/TV Production System.