Exhibitor News: RUSHWORKS

BOOTH SL7406 RUSHWORKS is launching VNEWS, a turnkey system that the company says includes everything needed to start producing news and entertainment programming in about an hour.

It’s all in the box: up to 4 x PTZ cameras, prompters, lights, microphones, computer and rundown software with Picture-in-Picture (PiP), double-box, Chroma-key, recording and streaming. It can be used by just one person who can serve as talent, producer, director and prompter operator. It’s suitable for K-12, higher education, broadcasters and internet TV stations.

In addition, the company is now shipping the A-LIST Streamster, an “IP only” configuration of its A-LIST Broadcast Automation System. According to the company, the tiny but powerful form factor allows anyone to create their own internet TV channel. Streamster supports URL and NDI input and output, making this scheduling and playback engine the technology for internet TV stations.