Exhibitor News: SES


Marquette-Adams of Oxford, Wis., and Highlands Cable group from Highlands, N.C., are launching commercial linear UHD services to their cable and iPtV subscribers through SES’ satellite-delivered, pre-packaged uhD system. The MVPDs have licensed the SES — provided UHD programming through Vivicast Media.

The SES uhD package features a 4k uhD channel lineup, satellite distribution services and reception equipment. Programming of the SES lineup includes 10 4k uhD channels and SES’s UHD demonstration channel. These stations are hosted on a trio of SES satellites at the center of the orbital arc (SES-1, SES-3, aMc-18), covering100 percent of the cable head-ends in the united states.

SES reports that additional cable and iPtV operators — from the more than 20 MVPDs that have tested SES’ UHD system — are close to launching their own uhD services on SES’ scalable system.