Exhibitor News: Sony Electronics

Booth C11001 Sony’s HDC-5500 4K Camera shares the 2/3-inch 4K global shutter three CMOS sensor used in the recently announced HDC-3500. The company says this imager ensures outstanding images for HD, 4K or HDR live production.

The HDC-5500 can directly output 4K HDR directly from the camera head, enabling applications such as 4k HDR wireless (using the new wireless side panel), or by using the HDC-5500’s Ultra High Bitrate platform, tethering to another HDC-5500 for 4K reverse prompter capability. The HDC-5500 has a low signal-to-noise ratio of –62 dB, high sensitivity of F10 and a wide dynamic range of up to 1,300 percent.

The camera can utilize interchangeable side panels that include a 3G fiber panel for backward compatibility with the HDCU-2500/3100 series, and a panel for compatibility with the new HD triax system, while 1080p and 1080i formats come standard on the HDC-5500, with optional licensing for high frame rate (HFR) slow motion imaging of up to 4x HD.