Exhibitor News: Tektronix

Booth SU5006  Tektronix is introducing new features for its Sentry real-time video quality content monitoring solution. The update allows Sentry to deliver live and on-demand video quality assurance across cloud and virtual streaming workflows.

The company is also showcasing its PRISM monitoring and analysis platform, with support for ST 2110 (–20 (video), –30 (audio) and –40 (metadata), ST 2022-6 and ST 2022-7. PRISM features a range of measurements and trend graphs and session displays, giving engineers visibility into network or content issues including intermittent loss of video, audio or data content.

Tektronix has also extended its Precision Time Protocol (PTP) timing analysis to include ST2022-7 timing for system setup and maintenance. PRISM enables shaders and operators to set up cameras for Live HDR using a proprietary STOP waveform and automated conversion support for a wide selection of camera log curves.