Exhibitor News: Telemetrics

Booth C8319  Telemetrics has pulled the curtain back on its new OmniGlide Roving Platform, highlighting it at its booth in the Central Hall.

The OmniGlide features a three-point contact design for tripod-like stability while allowing the pedestal to turn more sharply and smoothly via omnidirectional electromechanical servo-motors integrated into the pedestal base. It features three modes of operation — Robotic Control, Manual Crabbing and Manual Free Roam — all of which use advanced software and XY sensors for unmanned operation. There is also support for the reFrame feature of the RCCP-1A camera control panel to apply facial recognition for shot recall.

The OmniGlide is capable of using artificial intelligence to “learn” the room it is working in and auto-correct its position and orientation to avoid potential obstacles. The pedestal also includes self-monitoring and self-aligning features for real-time problem solving.