Exhibitor News: Telestream




BOOTH SL3308  Telestream is introducing OptiQ, a one-click channel creation solution for cloud environments.

OptiQ transforms the channel creation task from a process that took weeks or even months to one that takes only minutes to complete.

Once created, the company says these new video channels exhibit considerable sophistication: as standard, they feature integrated monitoring throughout and the ability to switch between multiple sources (live or file-based). A “pay as you go” business model offers the flexibility to accommodate unforeseen fluctuations in demand while aligning such costs to revenues. Consequently, users do not need to pre-spend to ensure they meet such demand.

OptiQ targets a number of applications.  It facilitates new revenue streams for content providers looking to accelerate time to market for new channels, and for broadcasters and service providers by enabling short-term channels/events, or additional content such as highlight reels, player bios and event histories.