Exhibitor News: The Switch

Booth SU4910  The Switch launched The Switch Access, an extension of its global fiber and satellite network. It will allow customers easy access to The Switch’s network of customers, connected venues, studios and production facilities, utilizing a broadband internet connection, from anywhere in the world, according to the company. Customers connecting to The Switch via The Switch Access can expect the same monitoring and end-to-end management of their feeds via The Switch Network Operation Centers with customer control via SwitchIT, the company’s patented scheduling and provisioning software platform. Once connected, the customer gains seamless integration with The Switch resources including transport to studios and over-the-top production, with the ability to schedule transport, production and studios in one step. With nearly 1,000 professional sports
venues, studios, production facilities, broadcasters and OTT platforms connected to The Switch network, customers using The Switch Access can move content from or to producers, distributors, service providers and venues.