Exhibitor News: Tieline

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Tieline is launching its Traversal Server designed to facilitate simple codec discovery, NAT traversal and connections throughout the user’s entire network.

The Tieline Traversal Server is a secure, independently hosted global server network, with multiple global backups. It centralizes Tieline codec contact list management and provides self-discovery of codecs within customized “call groups.” Users can view the online or offline status of all codecs in a group and whether it is connected or disconnected. It also provides NAT traversal to simplify connections.

When combined with the Cloud Codec Controller, which is designed to manage an entire fleet of Tieline codecs remotely, engineers are able to configure, connect and monitor all remote codecs from the studio with ease.

The Traversal Server operates over most wired and wireless IP networks. According to the company, it is as simple as making a phone call to get connected.