Exhibitor News: Tightrope Media Systems


REN EXHIBITOR C  Tightrope Media Systems is offering a sneak preview of upcoming direct-to-consumer publishing features that bring the Cablecast Community Media platform’s online and OTT distribution capabilities to a broader range of content producers.

Building on Cablecast’s robust, efficient workflow for automating everything from cable playback to streaming delivery, version 6.7 brings turnkey VOD and live stream publishing for the web and OTT to customers such as schools and local governments even if they don’t operate a cable channel. Cablecast 6.7’s publishing workflows enable users to maintain control of the presentation of their content in ways not possible with popular third-party services.

Cablecast’s online and OTT content presentations do not insert unwanted advertising in front of producers’ videos, nor suggest third-party content — completely out of the control of the producer — to viewers upon completion of the program.