Exhibitor News: Triveni Digital

Booth N1427  Triveni Digital is rolling out the next generation of its StreamScope Portal analyzer, the StreamScope Portal II.

The system is designed to simplify troubleshooting of DTV transport streams through a two-in-one hardware platform, high-res touchscreen interface, advanced RF spectrum analysis capabilities, rules-based troubleshooting and ultra-porta- bility factor.

Through the StreamScope Portal II, Triveni says users can access a range of MPEG quality assurance metrics, including video thumbnails, audio graphs, metadata tables, PID details, EPGs, IP routes, GOP frames and advanced RF spectrum analysis. It can also handle different input options, like Ethernet, ASI and basic or advanced RF. There is also an ability to connect to other StreamScope analyzers and remote monitors, as well as  to the Triveni Digital GuideBuilder metadata management platforms.

Upgrades to the StreamScope Portal II include professional ATSC 3.0 analysis capa- bility via StreamScope XM MT software.