Exhibitor News: Verizon Digital Media Services

Booth SU3605 Verizon Digital Media Services is now offering new features for its integrated digital media platform, including 4K encoding, multi-CDN, quality of service and tighter integration with key partners. VDMS enables users to prepare, deliver, display and monetize online content.

The company says the VDMS adjustments will address the expanded requirements of high-quality video content streaming with a network capacity of 70 Tbps, up from 8 Tbps in 2014. VDMS’ expanded bandwidth capacity, advanced caching and acceleration strategies also includes built-in multi-CDN functionality and the same traffic-shaping algorithms used by Verizon’s network teams.

While 4K content increases encoding complexity and processor utilization requirements, VDMS says it simplifies workflows by optimizing encoder settings for device delivery, and QOS ensures visibility into ingest and encoding, dynamic ad insertion and delivery. The platform is also supported by 24/7 engineering service and support teams.