Exhibitor News: Wisycom

Booth C856 Wisycom is introducing its MRK980 Ultra-Wideband True Diversity Receiver to the U.S. broadcast market. The two-channel receiver features 1090 MHz of switching bandwidth covering VHF, UHF and 900 MHz bands in one rackmount receiver. This opens up many additional RF possibilities for touring companies, broadcast studios and performance venues challenged by the shrinking RF spectrum.

Working in conjunction with Wisycom LINEAR transmit technology, the system provides as many as 30 channels in one 6 MHz TV channel. The receiver’s DSP-FM technology also provides very narrowband channel filters that yield 50 percent more band efficiency and 200 to 250 KHz channel spacing. According to the company, this gives an additional 3 dB of sensitivity and noise immunity, equivalent to doubling power and increasing range.

The MRK980 also includes Dante compatibility, analog and digital outputs and Wisycom’s optional push-to-talk (PTT) function for off-line communication to monitor engineers, performers, presenters and others on the network.