Exhibitor News: Yamaha

Yamaha Rivage PM Series

Yamaha Rivage PM SeriesBOOTH C1725  Yamaha Corp. Japan is introducing V3 firmware for the Yamaha Rivage PM Series Digital Audio Systems. The company says the upgrade will offer engineers a more flexible operation with faster setup and control.

A dynamic noise suppressor developed by Dr. K and his K’s Lab team at Yamaha Japan is included in V3. This “DaNSe” plug-in analyzes noise frequency characteristics and employs a Learn function to automatically achieve the most effective noise suppression without the need for any complex setup or programming by the user.

DaNSe is suitable for use with speech and lavalier microphones, suppressing air-conditioning noise and noise produced by cooling fans in on-stage moving lights, for example.

The ability to route Mix bus and Matrix signals back to the input channels improves routing flexibility, making parallel compression and multi-layer mixes using stem mixes possible for more detailed mixing and sound shaping capability.