Exhibitors Reveal Latest Offerings

Here is a compilation of news from exhibitor press conferences.

At ARRI, company representatives detailed advances across its camera system, lens, electronic control and lighting product lines. New products include two ARRI/Zeiss Master Anamorphic lenses and support accessories for RED, Sony and Panasonic cameras. Upgrades range from firmware for ARRI’s SkyPanel lights that allows users to access Rosco/Lee gel libraries to recording enhancements for the ARRI Alexa SXT camera. Additionally, ARRI announced it has acquired the artemis range of camera stabilizers from Sachtler/Vitec Group.

Autodesk’s press event underscored the company’s focus on enhancing visual effects workflows. In addition to both revealing and releasing the next generation of its software products — Autodesk Flame Family 2017, Maya 2016 extension 2 and 3ds Max 2017 — the company announced the acquisition of Solid Angle, developer of Arnold rendering software. Continuing its commitment to speeding workflows, Autodesk detailed a partnership with Google Cloud Platform that allows for scalable computing services.

Broadcast Pix announced that it intends to acquire ioGates, a cloud-based video production manufacturer with experience in web-based video management, conversion and collaboration.

“ioGates gives Broadcast Pix a proven platform in the cloud,” said Broadcast Pix CEO Kevin Prince. “Together with our live production systems and video-over- IP knowledge, we are now able to present our customers with a clear pathway to the next stage in efficient, cost-effective and unbounded creative production.”

Broadcast Pix also unveiled new BPCommand control interfaces for its integrated production switchers and demonstrated its enhanced Flint integrated production switcher.

Calrec Audio announced significant product launches today. The Calrec Brio is the smallest in Calrec’s Bluefin2 family and features a configurable dual-layer fader surface that achieves an unprecedented number of faders in a given footprint. Calrec also introduced the RP1 remote production engine that quickly embeds audio into existing video transport mechanisms, while its modular I/O backbone accepts any of Calrec’s I/O cards. The RP1 allows remote sources to be patched to studio-based consoles.

Ericsson announced several initiatives at the Sunday ShowStoppers event. They will expand their Unified Delivery Network to include 22 new partners, including Twentieth Century Fox, which will act as a content provider. Their global content discovery service, which now includes more than 10 million movies, will grow to include the United States and Canada. Ericsson also unveiled its Piero augmented reality graphics for sports and live television and announced its MediaFirst software-defined video processing solution.

Maxon is showcasing its Cinema 4D Release 17. The 3D imaging software features a new workflow, reworked rendering and animation features.

Front and center is the R17’s workflow, integrating Sketchup and Houdini Engine, along with a new color chooser. R17’s modeling offers a complete splines toolkit with a pen tool. Its sculpting function features PoseMorph and Edge Detection.

New rendering functions include the Material Override tool and a reworked animation feature, including an enhanced motion tracking feature.

MultiDyne president Frank Jachetta displays the new BullDog.

MultiDyne president Frank Jachetta displays the
new BullDog.

MultiDyne has added more than a dozen new products to its lineup of fiber gear, including a new “BullDog” field transport system that’s billed as the “lightest and most signal-dense” ever and is engineered to withstand abuse. It’s scalable and includes a video monitor. Other new offerings include the “SilverBullet” 3G handheld converter, a three-camera 4K base station, a 10 GB optical repeater, a series of openGear cards and portable units, and a POV/PTZ camera system with built-in fiber connectivity.

After launching in March, Pliant Technologies, a division of CoachComm, debuted the CrewCom wireless intercom system. CrewCom features full-duplex wireless radio packs, multiple simultaneous frequency bands and excellent voice quality. It features a proprietary network, CrewNet, for coordinating and transporting timing, audio, signaling and controls, as well as Crew- Ware graphical software. CrewCom wireless products are available in 2.4 GHz and 900 MHz. Pliant Technologies is located in booth C12719.

During the Telos Alliance press conference, the company introduced the μMPX FM (“micro” MPX) composite codec, which it says enables high-quality multiplexed FM signals over a 320 kbps IP connection. The Telos Alliance teamed up with Nautel and Moseley to provide a live demonstration of the new technology.

Other new products announced during the Telos Alliance press conference included the 25-Seven Voltair M Watermark Monitor, a diagnostic-only version of the Voltair, and the Omnia.11 G-Force audio processor.

V-Nova began its second NAB Show with the announcement that its flagship Perseus video compression system has been deployed by Eutelsat for the contribution of 4K international feeds of the UEFA Euro Championship 2016 for RAI’s Ultra HD channel. Perseus has also been deployed by India-based OTT company FastFilmz and Italy’s Sky for IPTV. In addition, V-Nova announced a new software development kit for Perseus, the P.Link 4K system and the P.Link HD system. V-Nova’s booth is located at the Encore Hotel.

NewTek reminded NAB Show attendees that it jumped on the IP video bandwagon 10 years ago and has been a significant player since. Last year, the company created the Network Device Interface (NDI) standard for IP video and now boasts more than 200 companies and 1 million users that have NDI-enabled systems.

Today’s big announcement is NewTek Connect Pro, which provides transparent interoperability among all IP video standards.

“We can take any source and convert it to all the IP formats,” said NewTek President Andrew Cross.

Wisycom introduced the MTP41S Pocket Wireless Transmitter. With a light metal alloy body and designed to fit in a pocket, the MTP41S features an integrated hardware limiter acting as a variable attenuator for maintaining a distortion of less than 0.3 percent without losing quality. Frequency options include up to 232 MHz bandwidth in a 470/798 MHz range. Users have a charging option between one AA alkaline and a rechargeable NiMH battery.

Wohler Technologies has brought a series of new and updated audio and video monitors to Las Vegas. Among the company’s offerings are the new iAM series of monitors, featuring the iAM Mix, iAM Audio and iAM Video. The company also announced an expanded video monitoring offering, two new modules for the AMP2- 16V Series audio monitors, a new low-cost eight-channel audio-monitoring device in the AMP1 Series, and new 4K video displays with quad-split capabilities. Wohler is located in booth N6809.