Exhitor News: Genelec

BOOTH C4748  Genelec is offering two recently introduced high-SPL Smart Active Monitors — the two-way S360A and the 7382A subwoofer. Both models are suitable for professional applications demanding high acoustic power or listening at a distance, from large immersive setups in post-production studios or film mixing stages to play-live monitoring in music production, EDM playback or premium home theaters.

Housed in a compact enclosure featuring high-quality Finnish woodwork and extremely low and controlled diffraction, the S360A also features a further enhanced 10-inch high-efficiency and minimal distortion woofer based on Genelec’s Master Series, and a completely integrated extended directivity control waveguide DCW, supporting its 1.7-inch titanium diaphragm compression tweeter.

The ideal companion for both the S360A and Genelec’s other large-format monitors is the 7382A smart active subwoofer–Genelec’s most powerful subwoofer to date. Delivering precise, powerful low- frequency extension down to 15 Hz, the 7382A houses three custom-designed 15-inch long-throw woofers.