Faroudja Enterprises

Booth N8229

The technology now known as F1 from Faroudja Enterprises applies its patented pre-and post-processing before and after compression to reduce video bitrates up to 50 percent while preserving image quality — with any compression standard or implementation. The F1 platform uses any conventional encoder (MPEG-2, MPEG-4, HEVC, etc.) on the market — without codec modifications.

On the show floor Faroudja is discussing the three new patents it has received that improve F1 streaming and file-compression efficiency without reducing perceived quality.

The F1 platform interoperates with all resolutions, frame rates, line structures, color depths, dynamic ranges and bitrates operating efficiently on third-party compute-based encode platforms. In addition to home-based playback devices, F1 encoded streams can be played back on mobile devices, including those with Android, iOS and Windows Mobile operating systems in real-time and with minimal additional power draw to the device.