Booth SL10716 FileCatalyst Direct is a suite of client and server applications that enables point-to-point accelerated file transfers at speeds up to 10 Gbps. Utilizing the FileCatalyst UDP-based file transfer technology, it is immune to the effects of packet loss and latency on a network and can quickly deliver files of any size or format between cities, countries and even continents.

FileCatalyst Central is a web application that allows users to view ongoing transfers in real time, dig into transaction histories and manage or monitor alarms. Administrators may also stop and start transfer tasks on any connected FileCatalyst HotFolder.

FileCatalyst Workflow is a Web portal for file transfer needs. It streamlines submission, distribution, and file-sharing workflows on the Web. FileCatalyst Workflow acts as an online file submission inbox for anyone outside of the user’s network. It simplifies file distribution via email by enabling users to securely send files to any email address.