Booth SL6830

FilmLight has its products for color grading and finishing. With integration of col- or-grading tools across dailies, editorial, VFX and finishing — using the renderless, metadata-based Baselight Linked Grade (BLG) workflow — FilmLight delivers a color-managed end-to-end pipeline. All BLG-enabled products from FilmLight com- bine to make an efficient color workflow.

New for NAB Show, FilmLight is introducing the latest generation of hardware configurations. This update sees the entry-level Baselight ONE now running on HP Z840, the indus- try standard for high-performance workstations in demanding post applications. The move increases rendering and decode speed while retaining the desk-side configura- tion for simplicity of installation and operation.

Baselight Two now utilizes multi-
ple GPUs in the same compact form factor. With the increasing use of raw camera acquisition from RED, ARRI, Sony and others, de-bayering is a critical issue and the substantial processing increase

in the Baselight Two gives colorists even faster access to high-quality raw content, as well as boosting grading power for Ultra-HD, 4K or higher resolutions.