Florical Systems

Booth N2519 Florical Systems is introducing Acuitas Cloud playout that enables quicker OTT startup opportunities. Florical’s Smart Central suite of tools for Acuitas IP operates within a virtualized, private or traditional environment.

Florical is continuing to expand the Acuitas playout platform by integrating most of the primary capabilities of its hardware environment into a virtualized environment, allowing OTT providers the ability to spin up channels quickly. Florical also is providing SMPTE-2022-6 IP playout and leading the efforts for SMPTE-2110-x.

Within the Smart Central toolset, smart client applications such as Remote Airboss, Supervisory Monitor and Order Entry allow control and monitoring of on-air from any connected environment.

Florical has expanded capabilities within its Flash Forward centralized ingest environment by integrating Signiant and Isilon workflows for accelerating distribution and archive management.

The vendor also has enabled a high-density channel environment with a new enterprise version of Airboss that provides a new 50-channel-per-machine manager.