Booth C5117

FOR-A’s HVS-2000 video production switcher is suited to a variety of applications, and can be used for SD, HD, 3G and 4K productions. It allows up to 48 inputs/18 outputs or 40 inputs/22 outputs (optional).

One feature offered by the video switcher is MELite, which allows a traditional  bus to transform into a functional Mix Effects with cuts, mix, wipes, keys and DVE including full preview. The MELite feature enables the HVS-2000 engine to offer the production capabilities of a 6 M/E switcher. MELite is the building block for features, such as upstream and downstream transition effects. Operators can deploy a MELite as a third M/E, transforming the switcher to a 3 M/E switcher with a 3 M/E panel. Users can also add an additional 1 M/E control panel and allow a second operator to have the added power of a second switcher in another location.