Booth C7114 Frezzi says its new Frezzi Sun-Light features LED with 575 W HMI output and direct focusing; and that it is lightweight and field friendly.

Using the 93 CRI 5500 K broadcast-quality LEDs and internal reflectors, the SunLight captures 100 percent of the usable LED light. In addition, the beam pattern is adjustable with a directional
focusing control from its native 20-degree spot to a flood.

With the SunLight, there is always enough output for applications where HMIs are typically required, but without the harmful UV emissions, external heavy ballasts, dangerous heat or expensive and fragile HMI lamps and inability to run on DC.

The Frezzi SunLight can operate on AC or DC with HD broadcast camera batteries giving a run time of 45 minutes. It’s rugged, fully
weatherproof with a range of accessories and 100-percent dimmable for the ultimate in portable high-output field lighting.