Friend MTS Adds 4K Variant to Video Security Suite

Neil Sharpe discusses Friend MTS’ line of video security products, which now support 4K content

Looking to stay ahead of what could be a new wave of streaming piracy focused on ultra-premium content, Friend MTS has launched a 4K variant of its ASiD digital watermarking and video security platform.

The launch complements Friend MTS’ video security services for SD and HD content. Friend MTS’ core business is focused on live sports and other forms of premium entertainment.

The company is pitching the 4K variant as part of its overall security-as-a-service offering, which can be customized based on the distribution or content partner.

Like Friend MTS’ other video security services, the 4K variant aims to identify and lock down pirated streams within minutes, not hours. That small window is critical, especially with live sporting events, which diminish in value soon after they are concluded.

The scale of pirated sports streaming is “staggering,” Neil Sharpe, product marketing director at Friend MTS, said here Monday, noting that digital rights management and conditional access systems aren’t enough to take down this growing and increasingly sophisticated threat.

And while 720p resolution today is the most popular format for illegal streaming, because it delivers a “good enough” HD experience for big-screen TVs without much worry about buffering, he said 4K-level streaming piracy is on the horizon as more events are produced and delivered in that format, alongside the emergence of faster and faster broadband services.

Friend MTS this week was awarded a Technology & Engineering Emmy Award for its efforts around video identification technology used to protect content value and copyright.