Friend MTS Toasts New Piracy-iQ, U.S. Expansion

Piracy-iQ measures and clarifies the impact of consumption of pirated media on businesses.

Content and revenue protection specialist Friend MTS kicked off its 2019 NAB Show with a champagne toast. The U.K.-based company has a few things to cheer as it is showcasing one of its newest services, Piracy-iQ, and its recent expansion into North America.

In an increasingly streaming-heavy market, the question of how to protect against subscriber loss is critical. Friend MTS hopes to assuage content piracy fears with Piracy-iQ. Simon Williamson, chief commercial officer at Friend MTS, described the Piracy-iQ system as an analytical tool for content owners, programmers and pay TV providers to assess the scale and impact of piracy.

Friend MTS is expanding the availability of its anti-piracy services with its newly established North American headquarters in Philadelphia. Williamson, who gave the toast during the session, is leading the Philadelphia office, which will include sales and professional services teams.

The company shared an example of the type of services that it could offer U.S.

customers with the announcement of an integration of its ASiD subscriber-level watermarking with Oregan Networks’ Android TV Operator Tier solution, which identifies illegal content redistribution and subsequently revokes the access of the subscribers responsible for the theft.