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The new Flexiva FLX FM and digital radio transmitter helps customers cut cooling costs and power bills. Merging the performance and reliability of the Flexiva air-cooled platform with the high-efficiency, liquid-cooled technology of GatesAir’s Maxiva TV and DAB Radio transmitters, the FLX portfolio will establish a greener facility and provide a quicker return on investment for stations operating between 5 kW and 80 kW.

Flexiva FLX liquid-cooled systems are engineered to efficiently remove heat from the RF plant. The design incorporates a heat-to-liquid transfer that is more efficient than air-cooled processes, especially at higher power levels.

Redundancy is a key design benefit across the entire liquid-cooled architecture. To obtain maximum efficiency, the system, in most installations, integrates low-noise pump modules within the transmitter to further reduce its already compact footprint. Two fully redundant cooling pumps operate in a closed-loop design, with auto-changeover capability in the event of a module failure.