Booth N2512 The new 1RU GatesAir Maxiva XTE exciter incorporates a 300-percent increase in digital signal processing capability over its predecessor, and the 1 GHz quad-core CPU features 20 times the horsepower, according to the company. The software-defined design provides a field-upgradeable platform for quick and seamless upgrade as standards such as LTE Mobile Offload evolve.

GatesAir is also introducing the Intraplex IP Link MPX, a full-duplex product that enables the distribution of 100 kHz spectrum of analog FM composite multiplex (MPX) signal across IP networks. It supports multiple input and output ports for signal redundancy, decodes RDS and audio signals and has the ability to mix in external SCA signals. The integrated support of GPS timing enables reliability in timing recovery, as well as Synchro- Cast operation.