Booth C1121 The standalone Gorman- Redlich CAP-DEC1 translates received CAP alerts into EAS headers, which are transmitted by the user’s EAS equipment. It is classified by the FCC as an intermediary CAP device and functions as a universal intermediary device, outputting AFSK data tones which can be used as an input to any certified encoder/decoder. The unit has an RJ-45 Ethernet LAN connection and can monitor up to three CAP alert server URLs (expandable for additional monitoring). It features internal logging of CAP-to-EAS translation activity and internal storage of received CAP alerts and attached audio files.

The company’s EAS-1 emergency alert system encoder/decoder is available with an optional telephone interface for inserting an emergency message from a remote location with a DTMF telephone keypad. The EAS-1/CG has a character generator built into a cabinet and will put a crawl on the television screen for a cable system or TV station.