Grass Valley Advances With Snell Integration

The new Kula switcher from SAM heeds the industry’s demand to handle different formats.

Grass Valley executives and engineers, along with their counterparts at newly-acquired Snell Advanced Media (SAM), have been hard at work integrating products from both firms to advance broadcast workflows.

Glenn Pennycook, president of Belden’s Enterprise Solutions business unit, described the combination of the two broadcast stalwarts as “a very good culture fit,” adding that the parent company’s solid financials and aggressive business outlook would offer customers the “best of the best from both companies.”

Neil Maycock, global marketing vice president, described the quick pace at which SAM and Grass Valley teams were able to engineer interoperability between the two product lineups.

“Within weeks of the companies coming together,” he said, “we’re leveraging the benefit of the combined portfolios.”

“The customers will see an integrated business, with a lot of innovation,” Maycock said, describing numerous already-functioning handoffs from favorite SAM products like LiveTouch replay, Morpheus playout and Rio editing and finishing.

Tim Shoulders, president of Belden’s Grass Valley business, pointed to examples of SAM technologies as complements to Grass Valley offerings, and revealed a preliminary “enhanced product roadmap” designed to protect the investments of both companies’ customers.

Acknowledging the ongoing product advancements of both firms, Shoulders said he’s bullish on the developing transformation to IP infrastructure.