Harmonic Sees Bright Future in the Cloud

From left, Harmonic’s Jean Macher and Patrick Harshman

Speaking at a noontime Sunday news conference, Harmonic Senior Director of Market Development John Macher focused on the growing presence of the cloud in content production and distribution pipelines, and his company’s place in helping broadcasters and content creators move to cloud technology.

“Harmonic is the market leader for processing, playout and video delivery, and in the past few years we’ve migrated a lot of that expertise to making cloud solutions,” Macher said. “We see a change — disruption, mainly — but definitely progress in cloud adoption by our customers…. They want to benefit from the elasticity and gain in efficiency that the cloud provides.”

Macher spotlighted three recent developments by Harmonic: assisting video streamer Vidgo achieve low-latency OTT delivery via Harmonic’s VOS 360 technology, partnering with Pearl TV in the hybrid delivery portion of the Phoenix ATSC 3.0 project, and assisting Japanese broadcaster Fuji TV with a public cloud channel playout launch.

Harmonic President and CEO Patrick Harshman described the company’s work in other areas, including high-speed networking.

“A big part of the equation is getting content to consumers,” Harshman said. “We’re working hand-in-hand with cable operators around the globe to make gigabit access network a reality.

“Not only are we preparing content in new and innovative ways … we’re also working aggressively and successively in ensuring that this content makes it to consumers.”