Harmonic Serves Up Cloud VOS

Harmonic is dishing up two flavors of cloud this year. VOS Cloud is for media managers operating their own cloud, and VOS 360 is for the more turnkey-minded.

“Many of our customers say they want to focus on the creation of content, not the delivery,” said Tom Lattie, Harmonic vice president of market development.

The Harmonic folks used established cloud architectures to create the VOS platforms, Lattie explained.

“We took Harmonic expertise and built upon leading cloud technologies,” he said. “VOS is ‘cloud-native.’ It was launched with three parameters in mind: openness, simplicity and agility.”

In other words, VOS Cloud is provider- agnostic and can be run on a private or public cloud, with everything controlled by APIs. The simplicity refers automated load balancing.

“Think how powerful it is,” he said. “If you have blade servers going down, you’re still on the air while it self-heals.”

It features template-based workflows, a “persona-defined user experience” and a unified platform for media preparation and delivery.

Regarding agility, VOS Cloud provides the “ability to launch and modify services in minutes, versus days or months,” Lattie said. “If an operator wants to upgrade one feature on one service, they can do that here, without disrupting the rest of the platform.”

VOS 360 is essentially VOS Cloud, but hosted and maintained by Harmonic.

Harmonic is demonstrating the VOS platforms in its booth, SU1210.