Booth N3530 The Henry Engineering AES Digital DA 2X4 distribution system for digital audio signals can accept either an AES or S/PDIF digital audio stream, and create four identical AES outputs. The AES input and all four AES outputs are individually transformer-balanced and isolated from ground. The S/PDIF input signal is converted to AES standard level and source impedance. The AES I/O is via XLR connectors. The S/PDIF input is via an RCA connector. No user adjustments or calibration is necessary.

The AES DigiSwitch 3×1 is a three-input switcher for AES digital audio signals. It accepts up to three AES audio sources, selecting one that is sent to the AES output. With no active circuitry in the signal path, the unit can be used in reverse as a router, sending an AES source to one of three destinations.