Booth C4309 The Hitachi DK-H200 is a multi-format, compact, HDTV box camera featuring native, full-frame rate 1080p acquisition. The camera’s new 2.6 million pixel, 2/3-inch, progressive MOS sensors combine with Hitachi’s digital signal processing technology and the camera’s natively progressive signal flow to provide picture quality with low noise, faithful color reproduction and high dynamic range. The DK-H200’s 60 dB signal-to-noise ratio enables clear images with minimal noise even at high gain.

Hitachi’s SK-UHD8060 Super Hi-Vision camera is a portable 8K camera, featuring a super 35mm CMOS sensor with 7,680 x 4,320 pixel-resolution, PL-mount lens, and onboard recording capabilities. The camera supports the latest advances in HDR, wide color gamut and high-frame rate standards and technologies and can simultaneously output multiple television standards including 8K, 4K/UHD, 1080p, 1080i and 720p. An 8K RAW recorder can be docked to the camera or used independently of the camera head. A 12-inch, 4K viewfinder simplifies 8K focusing and viewing.