Hitachi Kokusai

Booth SL3910

Hitachi Kokusai is demonstrating the SKUHD4000, a broadcast 4K Ultra-HDTV camera system using
standard 2/3-inch B4 mount HDTV lenses. Hitachi says the use of standard HDTV lenses eliminates
the need for optically degenerative lens mount adapters.

Gearhouse Broadcast deployed the camera in the United Kingdom at the ATP World Tour Finals and in
Australia to create the first native 4K OB super truck, the HD8. The camera uses a patented four-port
RGB prism combined with four sensors, two being green, to deliver the 4K performance of a 35mm
single Color Filter Array sensor in a standard portable camera chassis. This makes it possible to use
standard  2/3-inch broadcast lenses, and for the camera to work seamlessly with both 4K or 2K live
field and studio  TV production infrastructures.