Imagine Better Business Intelligence

Sarah Foss, senior vice president/general manager, Imagine Adtech, speaks about improving business intelligence.

The current industry landscape requires innovators, not consolidators, said Imagine Communications CEO Tom Cotney at a Monday press event.

“We’ve become a crowded industry with a lot of players, a very competitive market,” said Cotney. He added that it was a great time to be a privately held company like Imagine, as this allows the company to pause at the end of each quarter and really examine what’s causing trends in the market.

“We can look a little bit deeper than the just the toplines,” said Cotney.

At the 2018 NAB Show, Imagine Communications announced its xG Scorecard to suit the market confronting media players.

xG Scorecard is a first-of-its-kind business intelligence tool that delivers at-a-glance, real-time insights to easily analyze workflows, profitability and operations, said Cotney.

Imagine also debuted xG GamePlan, a standalone, cloud-based and independently scalable ad booking module for ultra-scalable optimization. Other products will demonstrate how media companies around the world can maximize the value of their content and commercial airtime through a holistic inventory optimization, management and monetization ecosystem that works across multiple sales models and distribution platforms.

These products are also now enhanced with Dynamic Ad Insertion and ATSC 3.0 monetization capabilities to greatly enhance the value of air-time inventory.

“The at-a-glance intelligence behind xG Scorecard greatly improves the ability of media professionals to draw real-time insights by allowing them to view all of the information that impacts their business at the same time,” said Sarah Foss, senior vice president/general manager, Imagine Adtech.

Cotney also said that Imagine was dividing into two business units: Imagine Ad Tech, headed by Foss, and Imagine Playout & Networking Solutions, headed by newly appointed president Steve Reynolds.