Booth N8029 Inovonics has a new line of processors, the Novia family. The half-rack boxes share many of the same feature gated and windowed gain-riding AGC; three-bands of dynamic compression with selectable crossovers; four sections of parametric EQ; density and smooth/loud adjustments; GPIOs, web/email/SNMP for controls and alarms; and IP/remote operation via web browser.

The 236 is an AM processor and adds analog, AES and streaming I/O; U.S. and international cutoff filters; asymmetrical final limiting; and NRSC compliance. The 262 is a processor aimed at FM and stereo production applications. It offers analog, AES and streaming I/O along with 20 kHz wideband and FM processing.

The 272 (pictured) is designed for FM stereo generation and RDS duties. Features include analog, AES and streaming in and MPX and streaming out; with North American and European standards; adjustable high-frequency limiting with variable composite processing; and built-in RDS/RBDS.