Interra Systems

Booth SU7105 Interra Systems is showcasing Baton 7.0, the latest version of its QC solution for file-based SD, HD and mixed workflows. The Baton 7.0 user interface now features revamped functionality across smart folders, manual scheduling, test plans and reports. The system offers video/audio quality checks, including support for text detection and recognition of burnt-in subtitles, audio language detection, detection of new audio quality noises, and support for the latest loudness ITU-R BS.1770 specification. Baton 7.0 supports new image formats like TIFF/ Targa and has enhanced closed captions.

Orion OTT is a software-based solution for real-time monitoring of adaptive bitrate (ABR) content for multiscreen service delivery over unmanaged networks. In addition to monitoring the integrity of ABR content, it also measures network performance in an OTT environment.