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Manufacturers, OEM providers, broadcasters and others are using the NAB Show to launch the TICO
Alliance. TICO is a new lightweight compression technology, which enables 4K UHD to be transported
over legacy SDI infrastructure and modern IP production and contribution networks. TICO has been
developed by intoPIX and work is ongoing at the SMPTE to publish TICO as a Registered Disclosure
Document (RDD).

Supporting companies include: Altera Corp., Artel Video Systems, Embrionix, Grass Valley, Image
Matters, Imagine Communications, Keisoku Giken, Macnica Americas, Nevion, Ross Video, Xilinx
and more.

intoPIX says TICO will help broadcasters benefit from a seamless, integrated and high-quality
Ultra-HD ecosystem from end-to-end. With a visually lossless compression up to 4:1, TICO enables
the mapping of a single 4K/UHD 2160p60 stream over a single 3G-SDI link. Over 10 Gbps Ethernet,
it allows the simultaneous transmission of up to three streams of 4K/UHD 2160p60.