Booth C1055

Jampro is showing its line of antennas and filters. Designed as either a sidemount or a top-mount
unit, Jampro’s UHF Broadband panel antenna is now available for Bands IV and V in all
polarizations: CPOL, EPOL, HPOL and VPOL. Also on show are JVD-U and JCD-U Broadband
UHF Broadband Antennas. Marine brass, aluminum construction and full cylindrical radome
enclosures for environmental protection and minimal urban visual impact make these antennas
perfect for rooftop deployment.

On the radio side numerous products are available. The JAVA Broadband Log Periodic FM Band
II Antenna for high-gain directional applications is available on any standard FM channel (87.5 to
107.9 MHz). JAVA is produced from either rugged aluminum or hot-dipped galvanized steel for
extreme environments. Custom directional azimuth pattern and FCC Certification is available on a
full-scale test range to conform to the customer’s requirements.