Jünger Audio

Booth C2333 Jünger Audio is focusing attention on Smart audio, delivering sound in an efficient way, with minimal requirement for manual control or intervention from an operator.

The D*AP product range incorporates a collection of adaptive processing algorithms and uses Ember+ remote protocol for integration with both playout automation systems and logging and monitoring processes. Almost all of the D*AP processors offer automated leveling of individual sources to pre-condition the audio before final loudness-based management. This is combined with auto up-mix to maintain a surround experience. Auto EQ ensures consistency of spectral balance and speech intelligibility. Level Magic loudness control can adjust audio from any source, at any time, to the right level.

Products include the D*AP8 MAP Edition surround monitoring audio processor; the D*AP8 CODEC Edition processor that provides a replacement for any discontinued legacy Dolby hardware processor; the D*AP4 VAP Edition two-channel voice audio processor; and the D*AP8 TAP Edition television audio processor.