Jünger Audio

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Jünger Audio is demonstrating its D*Ap4 vAp EDITION two-channel voice audio processor as part of a general focus on the benefits of what the company calls Smart Audio.

Aimed at radio and Tv broadcasters, the D*Ap4 vAp EDITION balances the need for EQ correction and compression with the requirement for natural sound. The unit includes Jünger Audio’s proprietary Spectral Signature dynamic EQ, a tool that offers automatic and dynamic EQ control to balance spectral differences. According to Jünger, by analyzing incoming audio and comparing its spectrum with individually predetermined voice “fingerprints,” the unit can automatically apply dynamic EQ corrections to give a consistent sound.

Jünger Audio’s D*Ap4 product range incorporates adaptive processing algorithms and also uses the Ember+ remote protocol to integrate with playout automation systems and logging and monitoring processes.